Community Participation Supports

Our Community Participation Supports (CPS) is a unique day program which focuses on individuals’ strengths, interests, and preferences. Our philosophy is based on assisting individuals to increase independence, develop life/work skills and to build lasting relationships in their communities.

Our CPS provides a variety of community inclusion opportunities. In addition it offers programming in other areas such as arts and crafts, cooking, drama, life skills, and personal fitness.

Volunteering in the community has become a big focus of the Community Participation Supports. Our consumers volunteer at a variety of local businesses. They take pride in their work and giving back to their community.

We are licensed by the Department of Public Welfare — Office of Developmental Programs to operate our Community Participation Supports. Our well trained staff and on-site supervisors provide a positive environment that effectively meets the health and safety needs of our consumers. We employ a licensed practical nurse to address any medical issues that may arise during program operations.

All referrals for our Community Participation Supports are made through the County Base Service Units. The low staff-to-customer ratio at the CPS allows us to provide a wide variety of activities and services while still effectively meeting the needs and abilities of individuals.

The staff at Raystown Developmental Services, Inc. also has experience at ensuring a smooth transition into our day programs from high school or other settings. We work closely with the individual’s team in order to learn important information about how to effectively support the individual. If necessary, additional staff training is provided to make certain that all crucial information is relayed.

Currently, our CPS programming is developed around the individuals we are serving. However, we can adapt the program to meet the needs of new individuals.

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging also licenses this program as an older adult center.